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§ four shibusa {adkins / dickens}

Four Shibusa is a haunting and moving album that moves seamlessly between the clarinets of Jonathan Sage and Heather Roche and exquisitely crafted electronic soundworlds. This studio album is the result of a year-long collaboration with the visual artist Pip Dickens and takes as its starting-point the Japanese concept of ‘shibusa’ – a term that describes the inherent simplicity and beauty in everyday objects. The surface simplicity of the music belies a real sophistication in sound design and meticulous balance between delicate evolving textures and melodic writing. Heard as a whole this is an enveloping musical tour de force [audiobulb].

Sendai Threnody
Entangled Symmetries
Kyoto Roughcut

Music by Monty Adkins
Cover image by Pip Dickens
Mastered by Dominique Bassal
Video by Rob Lycett

Format: CD & Digital Download
cat: AD.03

Digital video (generative). Stereo. Duration 9:19