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Thought Positions in Sculpture is a project which has used the exhibition environment as a platform and starting point for considering the sculptural facets of thinking activity. The exhibition opened on the 16 October 2015 at Huddersfield Art Gallery and ran until 09 January 2016.

As part of the activities accompanying the exhibition, Rob Lycett, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Art and Communication at the University of Huddersfield, has curated his own Twitterbot of responses to the underlying themes, responses, and areas of exploration in Thought Positions in Sculpture. A Twitterbot programme is used to generate tweets at regular periods. Lycett has developed a coding system where words relating to the show are put-into-relation with each other to randomly generate concrete poetic forms every hour. These are tweeted out into the ether and have been in circulation since October 2015. To date – 11 January 2016 – over 2,162 thought positions have been posted through Sculptural Thinking (@thoughtposition). As self-generating thought positions they are, necessarily, oblique registrations of the very ‘gathering of thought’.

Rowan Bailey, 2016

This project was retired on 31.10.2022 after 61,724 tweets