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§ equivalent: II

This work is the second in a series of four digital films (I-IV) that are the equivalents of the artists recorded experiences of Redacre Wood in Mytholmroyd.

The wood was the regular childhood playground for Ted Hughes, who was born and lived his formative years nearby. He wrote a poem called ‘An Ancient Briton Lay Under His Rock’ (Remains of Elmet), that tells of group of boys digging beneath a stone slab to find the remains of an ancient warrior.

This archive of records is in the form of photographs ( = light, colour, movement) and texts ( = narratives, memories, histories). Chance operations control the blending of images over time and the ordering of the lines of text. Each of the films is unique, and yet a sibling to all of the others.

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Night Beams (Lamplighter Festival)
Fundevogel [Todmorden, UK]

Digital video (generative). Stereo. Duration 12:00

Equivalent: II from Rob Lycett on Vimeo.